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We’ve just had the first day of fall last weekend, and there were huge amounts of harvest festivals and youth doing fundraisers to support local pet shelters and big dog adoption parties. The weather was perfect, and the events were a lot of fun, and I had totally thought with a solid week of cold, fairly intense rainy weather, that Summer was finally gone for good. The people I was with and I had already called the heating and air conditioner corporation to stop by and close out the A/C plus fix up our oil heating unit weeks ago. Then we get the forecast via the news that the weather is spiking back up to 68 for 1 week of heavy storms. I kept hoping it was a lie and that the people I was with and I had seen the last of this. I live near the north, our homes are not built to stay cool in summer, but rather stay sizzling in winter. Many houses here don’t even any central air conditioner, and they legitimately are not built to handle hurricanes or tornadoes, but sure enough, the storm hit and created tornadoes in Vermont and New Hampshire. The people I was with and I got lucky that nobody was killed, but there was still a lot of house destruction. One of my coworkers had just has his condenser cleaned out two weeks ago, and now it’s been blown away by a tree in the storm. The insurance company says they’re legitimately backing him on the claim. However, thanks to the storm on top of most people already needing central heating maintenance, it’s going to take at least a month or two to have a guy come out who will rule to either fix it up or replace it. I hate winter, but I want these ridiculous Summer storms to just come to an end.

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