Working in heavy ac

One of my friends at work is a very funny guy; He constantly dresses just barely to work uniform, has deranged long hair, and makes jokes all day long no matter what. Everyone at our work thinks he’s a little too weird, however I suppose he’s just the right amount of funny for his work, while pretty much everyone at our work are either in the main offices, the factory work floor, or the warehouse, this guy spends his time at work in a giant stuffed coverall, a hat, and gloves. While our wareapartment has entirely no heating and a/c, each of us still maintain the freezer and the refrigerator for cold storage. This dude sole work is to keep the freezer organized and stocked. He has to bring orders to the manager for what will be brought on the next truck, and he can still be called up to help out on the sales floor, then it entirely is hilarious to be walking down one of the aisles, where the a/c is on just enough to keep the site cool enough, only to find this guy walking around in snow pants, a hat, and a parka. I’m ecstatic all of us have him, because pretty much everyone else can’t stand the freezer. They say it’s too cold and not safe; 1 guy even demanded all of us get him a space furnace or he’d quit right then. He says he doesn’t mind it though, the only difficult area is walking through the warehouse before getting to his area. Without so much as a portable AC component for the warehouse, the heat gets intense in the summertime. He gets sick a lot in the Summer due to the temp changes. However, he gets to listen to music and be largely all by himself all day, which he argues is about as wonderful as it gets.

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