Glad with the window cooling

My hubby and i were getting ready to put in our window a/c equipment when something just didn’t seem normal.  It was jammed in and running good and the both of us even had cool air coming from the AC machine, but there was an odd bad odor coming from the machine.  I asked him if he had changed out the air filter and he just kind of looked at me. He finally admitted that it hadn’t even crossed his mind about the air filters.  He hastily pulled the air filter and I about barfed. There was a nest of baby mice that had got into the AC and they were nesting in the air filter material. I couldn’t imagine how they had survived in there at all, despite the fact that I knew a Mama mouse had to be close by.  That’s when she jumped out and landed on my husband’s chest. He went running outside and knocked her off of him, while still holding the air filter that housed her babies. I had to laugh because the mouse went a another way, the babies were scattered through the leaves and the air filter landed on the ground.  I was laughing so hard that we didn’t hear the a/c as it crashed to the floor and broke. Along with a broken a/c, the both of us also had a really bad crack in our hardwood flooring, which we both had just installed a month ago. He called the flooring company to have them come in and repair the entire floor while I called the HVAC company and ordered a central a/c unit for our home, but that’s a certain AC replacement I will never forget.

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