Ductwork in the living room

My granddad used to work on the railroad. He was the man who was on the caboose. Back then, you had to steer the caboose and it was responsible for some of the braking. He used to say how he could feel the heat coming off the metal wheels as they screeched to a stop. I used to love sitting and listening to him talk about his various jobs when he was young. One of his favorite topics was about this gas furnace that he had in the house.  I remember that seasoned old gas furnace. It was in the downstairs living room. They burned coal and there was regularly a sizable bag of coal sitting on the floor next to the gas furnace. There was an immense air vent that went through the floor, that was directly above the old gas furnace. This allowed the heat to flow up into the upstairs, where everyone had slept. I remember sitting upstairs and listening to everyone downstairs as they talked together. I quite often thought that no one could see me because I was off to the side of the air vent.  When I got older, I realized they could see my brother and I as all of us sat up there. My Grandma and grandad thought it was funny. They would make a lot of cool things to eat and wait for one of us to come down to say all of us had to go to the bathroom and then they would ask if we both wanted some of their goodies. I miss that seasoned gas furnace plus most especially, I miss that good old air vent.

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