Smart thermostat tips

Today is Thursday, and I absolutely detest Thursdays. On Thursdays, I have my Nutrition class in the Science Building. I am not sure why it is this way, but the Science Building is the oldest facility on campus. None of the other buildings or classrooms seem to have a complication with their Heating or A/C systems, but when you walk into this classroom it is as if you are in the arctic. I constantly bring a mug of steaming hot tea just to keep warm. There is no option of falling asleep, that’s for sure. It’s too darn frosty to even consider dozing off. I can’t tolerate being cold. I will live and die by the furnace in my home. I need this class for my degree, so I have no other choice except to stick it out. One afternoon, I happened to notice the thermostat on the wall, so after class I went up to the thermostat to see it read 67 degrees. It was the middle of wintertime! Why on earth would the school be keeping the classroom so cold! I decided I needed to investigate this further. I just wasn’t able to focus on my studies when I was this frigid, but I went to the Human Resources Building they told me that each educator has control over his or his classroom’s thermostat. So basically, my teacher was the only person keeping the classroom so cold! I wasn’t sure if I could ask him why he kept it so cold. Could this negatively effect my grade?  I decided I needed to for my own sake! He told me that he felt the frosty air stimulates his students to learn better in addition to retaining more information. That is the only reason he keeps the heat so low.

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