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There isn’t anything worse than having someone in client services, who has a terrible attitude. The service representative is often the first and usually only opportunity a supplier has to show who they are.  I have talked with multiple reps that are glad that you called and they chat about a lot other than just straight business. I have also had dealings with reps who could care less about you and only want you to ask your question so they can get off the telephone.  Some of those people can be rude and just treat you like you are a nuisance or a moron. I work for a supplier that makes random calls to Heating plus Air Conditioning business. I have a list of questions that I ask of their client representatives. I want to know if they are going to provide me information, or if they are going to put me on hold.  I hate it when I know they need to look up the answer when I am asking what SEER is. That is something that should be a easy answer from anyone in the Heating plus Air Conditioning business, even the rep. If they don’t know what SEER is, tell me as well as offer to get me to someone who can answer all of my questions, don’t just throw me on hold. I have given terrible ratings to multiple Heating plus Air Conditioning companies, just on the basis of how I am treated on the phone with the client rep.  As I said, they may be the first human interaction you supplier has to make a sale.

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