Ductwork is a total mess

My parents passed away a few years ago, and they left the house to me, so I decided to rent it out. I live out of state. Recently, the renters moved out and thought everything was good. The renters always paid the rent on time, and we never had any trouble. So I went to check out the place. Now, the day I arrived, it was raining pretty hard. I took a taxi from the airport, then went directly to the house! When I walked through the front door, I found the house in complete ruins. I was very shocked at it all! The hardwood floors were scratched and marked. The carpet had stains literally everywhere. I could not tell if it was dog pee or root beer stains. The whole house smelled really disgusting and very awful… Our renters supposedly had one cat, however the whole house smelled like a huge cat or pig farm. I gutted the whole place and that still did not get rid of that smell. I had to hire a team to seal off the air duct in the house. The smell was literally everywhere, plus the air duct was making the situation worse, and everytime the Heating and A/C unit came on, the air duct sent those excruciating awful smells into the environment. The Heating and A/C service team completed the air duct sealing a few nights ago. I do not have any idea if this will alleviate the problem altogether, or if this air duct cleaning service will need to be performed every year. It was really a true awful mess all together!

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