No HVAC when on the trip

I think just about most people wants to take trips and vacations when they can, & I recently had an actually nice trip… However, there was one concern that made my trip a bit less fun! I went to a country where there are actually few people who use A/C. It was actually hot, & when I went into shops or restaurants, or even my own hotel room, there was no guarantee that a/c would be used or even exist. Apparently, all the people do not have A/C in their houses either, even, however some people do, but it is not central A/C as all the people around here in America have in their houses. When I was away, the most proper type of A/C they used was the ductless mini split a/c, and to tell you the truth, they are quite nice, but mini split a/c units are designed to cool only the room in which they are installed only. Where I was, the a/c was available only in the living room. There was no TV in the living room, so if I wasn’t going out at any time during the day or night, I needed to stay in the living room constantly if I wanted to have an A/C system. I even found out that most of the people who live there don’t even use air conditioning in their cars. I know this because I used taxis quite a bit, as well as every single time I got in the car, the windows were open & the a/c was not in use at any time… My trip without a/c was no picnic, that’s for sure, but it was still a wonderful experience.

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