Want better settings with the a/c

My husband and I have been having this ongoing debate recently, and I actually don’t see any way to get around it. To start the story, I have to tell you that when we dated and got married, we were both incredibly obese. We actually met each other in a weight loss support group, which both of us quit shortly after and started going out to eat together instead of attending the group meetings. We were actually fine for a long time, then he got the idea in his head that he needed to lose a great deal of weight, and he started working on it hard. Now he has lost so much weight, and we are constantly fighting over the temperature control component all the time. It was easier when we were both so heavy, and we constantly kept the AC appliance cranked way, way down, all the time. Now he does not need nearly as much cooling as I require, and oftentimes I see him wearing a jacket around the dwelling. I would adore to meet him in the middle on this and simply split the difference, however my body just needs the air conditioner a lot more than he does now… Once the air conditioner appliance stops running, even for a few short minutes, I basically start to heat up and sweat. Our fights over the settings for the climate control appliance are happening more and more frequently. I just need a lot more cooling than he does. I guess it wouldn’t be a major problem if I lost weight, too, however that will take a while and right now I need my air conditioner appliance!

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