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There must be something deep-rooted in us as a civilization that prevents us from listening to our youth. It would seem that every parent thinks their children are naïve or ignorant, just as every senior executive has doubts when a young colleague in the firm has a bold business transfer in mind. The lack of trust between the old plus young couldn’t be more evident in trade skills, too! I’m speaking from experience for the most part, as I work for a local heating, ventilation plus a/c appliance repair business. As an apprentice plus aspiring Heating plus Air Conditioning appliance specialist, I often have to listen to the other business plus senior workers in the facility as they go on about the careful balance between “safe work practices” plus “keeping a quick pace”. For instance, the other week I was sent on a call with a far more experienced Heating plus Air Conditioning appliance specialist to this office building downtown. We were there basically to inspect the air duct of their Heating plus Air Conditioning appliance, as renters were whining of a foul odor coming from the ducts. Right away I suspected that some kind of vermin was once living in the air duct, however the specialist said I should never jump to conclusions! When we arrived, we set up our ladder under a single one of the vents where the smell had been coming from. At first, neither of us smelled a thing – then the building’s a/c appliance clicked on, plus I was instantaneously overwhelmed with the smell of something burning or melting! I still felt it could be a dead rat or pigeon, however again the specialist showed his doubt. We made the decision to go check out where the air filters were inside the Heating plus Air Conditioning appliance cabinet, plus that’s when we discovered the cause – a massive pile of rat feces, right there in the duct! No wonder the smell was so sickening. We promptly descended the ladder plus had the office reach out to pest control. The specialist was right – it wasn’t a dead animal at all!

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