Indoor air quality is terrible

I would say that the #1 thing that adds distinct value to my life is my pets. There’s nothing love getting home plus having someone totally thrilled to see your face, no matter what the day has been like, if I were to lose these pets, I would right away just lose my really best friends plus most kindred spirits. That being said, I might have crossed a threshold for reasonable, satisfactory number of pets recently. There’s still a lot of room to walk in between the lounging cats plus pets, don’t get me wrong, then you might have to be careful to step over a few guinea pigs plus rabbits, sure; But you’ll also have to take a very deep breath plus have as little interaction with the indoor air as possible for the entire duration of your stay. I mean, the air quality has absolutely taken a downturn in the past couple weeks… maybe the air quality has absolutely taken a downturn over the past few years, if I’m being honest. It’s not only all of the dirty litter boxes spitting dust, dander plus debri into the air as it flows past through the vents, however also the stinging ammonia stink that contaminates the indoor air from their pee that doesn’t make it into the box. These pets aren’t blameless, either. Their passion for rolling in everything means they continually drag in dirt plus pet feces into the site, to add to the air odors. I do my best to keep up with it, however the air filters are constantly congested with pet hair plus dirt, but for the sake of my, my acquaintances, plus the whole neighborhood… I guess love I either need to rebuild my HVAC plan or rehome my beloved furry family.

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