It’s very warm in here

My husband and I were making plans to go on a trip for the holidays. All three of our sons were in university, and they decided they were going to stay there through the Christmas break. My husband I were going up to the mountains so we could enjoy an entire month of skiing and relaxing. My husband and I looked at various cottages online before finally deciding on our holiday rental. Our first choice cottage included a fancy hot tub and a brand new Heating and Air Conditioning system. We were fairly happy about the hot tub. Both of us had been looking at hot tubs for several years now, but never pulled the trigger plus bought one. I was completely ecstatic to hear that the cottage had a brand new Heating and Air Conditioning system. It was going to be truly cold during our stay, and the average cold temperatures would likely be far Below zero. Having a brand new Heating system would provide both of us great peace of mind. But when we arrived to our cottage, we were incredibly disappointed with the accommodations. The hot tub was located outside in the distance and the heat function barely worked at all. The hot tub was set for 106 degrees, however it never seem to get warmer than 90. The Heating did work well either, it made a loud humming sound every time it turned on. We were afraid that it would stop working while we slept. The Heating system did keep us toasty, but it came at a price. By the end of our stay, neither of us had a truly great holiday. Both of us left a disappointed Yelp review for that realtor supplier when they failed to acknowledge the concerns.

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