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It must be totally psychological when you wake up to 50 degrees in the Summer plus you actually feel cold.  That same temperature in the Spring is sizzling plus welcoming. I believe that is because now every one of us know for certain that the winter months are on the way.  Gelid weather, ice everywhere plus the central heating appliance is on non-stop. The heating must be on in the winter, or every one of us would easily freeze to death.  We do not trivialize winter. Where I am at, winters are especially extreme with the below freezing temperatures plus the constant heat being required. That’s why I have already scheduled our Heating plus A/C appliance tune-up.  I skipped the cooling system tune-up after winter break so I just did not use our cooling appliance that much. However, I cannot skip out on the tune-up for the heating side of our Heating plus A/C appliance. If our heating device were to fail, our family could be left in jeopardy.  Of course every one of us have several portable furnaces plus a fireplace, so every one of us could actually get by without central heating for a couple of hours until a Heating plus A/C service was taken care of. However, I do not like leaving things like our heating to chance, so the Heating plus A/C appliance tune-up will be performed in a few days.  That way when I turn the switch to utilize our heating, the heated air will flow respectfully from the air vents all through our dwelling. This will easily keep all of us warm in our northern winter. It could be a great deal worse. We could be in the Deep South without a working cooling appliance. Since I’m used to the northern temperatures, I believe a Summer in the South without cooling appliance could be worse.

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