Old house with dirty HVAC ducts

When we bought our new home, we had a sneaking suspicion that the last person to have owned it, was a hoarder.  We had a few hints, like the way there were telltale permanent indents on the carpet that clearly spoke of boxes.  There were faded spots on the old pattern, and a really odd smell that reminded of the tombs of a library. The worst part of the old house, was the constant dusting that I had to do.  Despite all of my vacuuming and dusting, I still seemed to have an inordinate amount of dust, within a couple of hours, which also led me to believe that the house hadn’t been thoroughly cleaned in years.  I had dust falling off the ceiling. If the house hadn’t been cleaned for that long, I wondered how long it had been since the HVAC system, and most importantly, the ductwork, had been cleaned and serviced. I was now beginning to understand why my allergies were acting up so badly.  My eyes had been itching terribly, lately and my nose seemed to be constantly running. I told my husband who immediately called the HVAC company and asked if they could come out to the house and inspect and clean the HVAC system and the ductwork. Two days later, the HVAC service tech showed up with all of his equipment.  It took him quite a while to get all of the cleaning done. He sealed some cracks in the ductwork, and I watched him take out bag after bag of dirt and debris. After he was done, I vacuumed the entire house and I took a long deserved hot shower.


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