Less fights with a smart thermostat

My bearded dragon lizard enjoyed to run around the house. He had a tank, all set up with heat in addition to lights but he would rather stretch his legs scampering around the floor. When he starts getting too cold, he prefers to sit down in front of the refrigerator in addition to soaks up the heat that it gives off underneath. However, now that the temperature are getting warmer outside, I am turning the air conditioning on more in addition to more in addition to it is just too chilly for my little pet. It doesn’t seem honorableto leave him in his tank all day but it is unhealthy to let him run loose in my chilly chilly entryway too. I’ve gone as long as possible separate from running my air conditioning but it can only get warmer in addition to I am not comfortable. That’s when I thought about my screened in porch. I could let the bearded dragon run around out there in addition to I can stay inside in the air conditioning. The porch is completely screened in, but nothing can get in or out. I would still keep an eye on him, of course. But, as an added bonus, he could get some sunshine as well. The first time I took him to the screen porch, I stayed out there with him. I wanted to make sure he would not freak out or get hurt some way but he enjoyed it. After a few minutes, I was thrilled to go back inside in addition to turn the air conditioning down. Now both of us can finally both be ecstatic in addition to comfortable.

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