Can’t go without the heater yet

My wife and I recently found out that we needed work done to our ductwork.  We were losing a lot of air conditioning to the outside. It’s kind of a funny story, the way we found this out.  You see we had to call an exterminator to our house. We were hearing digging going on beneath our home. We also heard some rustling noises that sounded like rodents were living beneath our home.  The exterminator came over and when he crawled under our home, he found that an armadillo had taken up residence. He got a trap, and took it out to the country to drop it off, so it couldn’t find its way back to our home.  He also reported to us that he had noticed there was some damage to our ductwork and we needed to call the HVAC company. I immediately blamed the armadillo for the damage to our ductwork, but when the HVAC tech investigated, he told us there was damage, but it had been there for quite some time.  We knew we had to fix it before we were getting rodents in our home. He cleaned the ductwork and patched up the ductwork he could seal and replaced some panels where it needed replaced. I hated needing to pay the exterminator and now the HVAC company, but I didn’t have a choice. I have to admit, that we may not have noticed the difference before the work was done, but we saw a difference in our energy bills after the ductwork was repaired.

heater tune up

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