It’s warm and toasty in here

As of late, I have been doing a lot of griping about how freezing it is in our living room.  I told him that my feet felt like icicles, so he gave me a heater to put near my feet.  I told him that our fingers were frozen because of the cold, and he bought me a small portable heating system that I could stand on our task table.  He even put plastic over the windows to stop the draft that I was feeling in the house.  I have heat vents in our living room, but when the cupboards were put into the room, the woodworkers had put them over the heat vents.  The inside of our cupboards were sizzling and toasty, but it wasn’t doing myself and others any good.  I even tried to open all of the cupboard doors, in hopes that the warmth would find its way out into the room, but that didn’t help.  I was getting angry, and I wasn’t getting any writing done.  I told him I wanted to put our things into the spare room, and he decided he was going to just take out all of our cupboards.  He told  myself and others to transfer everything from them so he could change them.  I just stared at him, because I thought he was nuts.  Apparently, he had no proposal what all I had in and on those cupboards.  We talked about his plan, and he said he wanted to try to move the heating system vents, and put in electric baseboard heat to supply myself and others some better heat, and I wouldn’t have to worry about being ruled by the control component in a odd room.

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