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I had multiple plans on how to use our time settling into our new place. My new job required entirely working from home. We were going to completely redo our house office. But a sudden heat wave has swept across the area. There have been piles of papers clumping up my desks. All of which need to be sorted out and taken care of. It wouldn’t take long if the house wasn’t so hot. Our house office will feel way better once it is clean and organized. But the heat wave has postponed all of our plans. And now I can barely get to doing the dishes or make myself a meal, let alone start all of this additional housework we had planned on doing. For most people, the rising heat and humidity outside aren’t a problem. This is because they have central air conditioning HVAC systems in their home. But in the section of the country I live in, heat waves are terrible. Most homes, condos and apartments here don’t have a full HVAC system. Properties here are equipped with a great oil furnace and usually an oil or gas heater, but they almost never have central air conditioning. That’s because the summer time here is very short and often not hot at all. One year my specific region didn’t even have a day over 80 degrees. Now I’m stuck and cannot work comfortably until the heat wave passes. I just want to be able to get our apartment tidied and do some organizing projects in a comfortable temperature. Now I’m doing all of my chores at night so I don’t have to sweat.

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