An enjoyable time

Where I grew up, there were no Springtime, Fall plus Wintertide seasons. It was Summer plus tepid all year round. So you could imagine the tough time I had when I moved up north, where every season is clearly defined plus the weather changes all year round. I was renting a one bedroom home that had a window AC unit. I had never seen one of those before, because our parents home had a HVAC method installed through the whole home plus it stayed at one temperature almost all year, 72 degrees. I had to quickly figure out how it worked. When it was tepid outside, I had to put cool air on plus when it was cold, I put on tepid air. It took me a while to get used to the changes in temperature outside. I had to incorporate a current wardrobe because all of our clothing was Summer clothes. I had to buy coats, scarves, boots, the whole 9 yards. I l gained that our electricity bill was a lot cheaper with the AC window device as opposed to the whole HVAC method installed in our parents home. Overall, the change to a current state, a current climate, a apartment was just that; a change. It took some time to get used to, but now a year plus half later, I’ve gotten used to it plus I honestly prefer it. The seasons are beautiful. I can explore current fashion options. The window device is not so bad, other than the fact that it can be super loud at times. Some change can be entirely good!

HVAC unit 

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