Window air conditioning

I am not as ancient as dirt, at least not yet.  However, thinking back to my childhood brings up some absolutely distinctive differences in the day and age.  I grew up in a absolutely rural countryside where nature surrounded us. I remember if I said I was bored, I had several options.  Those chances were, to go outside or do the dishes. So, I spent a ton of time outside. Except in the Winter time when I was shackled by short days plus bitter temperatures.  But, man did my sisters and I stay warm. Heating and air conditioning as every one of us guess it now was not a part of how I grew up. Granted, I was raised in a apartment that was already 50 years seasoned back then.  But, there were no air ducts or forced central air heating and cooling units. No, our apartment had this enormous gas boiler in the basement. The thing reminded me of some living beast from a bad dream. The boiler heated up all that water which then flowed to radiators throughout the apartment.  I was taught a absolutely healthy respect for the radiators. They got very hot; I was always leery of getting too close to them. Of course, while I was in an indoor soccer game, I went head first into one of the radiators. I not only knocked myself out, but I also gave myself a bit of a burn on the neck.  Those radiators gave off the best heat. It was cozy plus also had a humidity factor to it. I miss that humidity in the winter. Now, our oil furnace and air conditioning does more sucking up of humidity to our chagrin. I’ve often thought about installing geothermal heating in our farm home. The heat is transferred by water through tubing in the floor.  I would just love to walk around barefoot all winter. Would be similar to the seasoned radiators but, even better.


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