Getting zone control

I recognize this guy at my work named Dan who is consistently complaining, and he tells myself and others that his husbandy ignores him all the time as well as that he doesn’t like him anymore, as well as at first I sincerely felt sorry for him… But honestly, the more I get to recognize him each day, the more I see why he might get on his nerves! He’s typically got something important to gripe about as well as I’m the lucky man who has to lay right out next to him at work. When all of us task the same shifts, I have to listen to him complain about his parents, his sibling, his husband at home, his kids, as well as his car. Then I have to listen to him complain a lot more about our boss as well as his workload, as well as his paycheck. But I recognize the one single thing that gets on our nerves most of all is when Dan starts complaining about the awful Heating, Ventilation, as well as A/C method in our office; It’s not appreciate I am at all in a position to do anything about the heating or cooling in our office, so I just don’t begin to understand why he typically has to whine to myself and others about the low quality heating as well as the air conditioning! Or the reason he feels that it’s necessary to  immediately replace myself and others on the indoor air conditions of the building, the brand new indoor temperature versus the outdoor hot as well as cold temperatures, or what the current temperature control is always set to. He’s easily driving myself and others absurd with his entire temperature control freak nature. I don’t recognize what to do about it, either. I’m soon going to talk to our boss to see if there’s a possibility of getting zone control heating, ventilation, as well as A/C installed in our office.

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