Hydronic heating update

Upgrading our Heating plus Air Conditioning system has been on my mind, as well as my husband’s mind. The two of us felt unsure of what was the best choice, given what was out there. We decided to call up a Heating plus Air Conditioning supplier to see about our options, and we were genuinely surprised by all the options out there. We’ve had the current Heating plus Air Conditioning system for such a long time, so it’s really something how far the heating plus cooling industry has come! We’ve come to learn about geothermal Heating and Air Conditioning equipment, radiant floors, smart thermostats, heat pumps and even more! It was incredible to us, as having an Heating plus Air Conditioning specialist come out to our property for a free consultation proved to be a wonderfully helpful decision! The Heating plus Air Conditioning specialist got us thinking about radiant floors as a heating option, as it would be entirely perfect! That, along with cooling system with the rapid cooling feature, meant we would use HVAC ducts that are much smaller around. The plan provides cooling to the household within minutes due to the small duct size! I can’t wait to try that out when our home is overheated from the summer weather. Cooling everything down in minutes would be a wonderful change from the usual hour and a half our current system takes! We felt it was best to move forward with our modern Heating and Air Conditioning system. Once everything was installed and running, we couldn’t have been happier with everything and how it turned out! I can’t tell you how appealing it is to walk across the floor, and feel yourself warming up with each step. It’s the nicest feeling! You really have to try it to understand the fervor over radiant floors. I think I’m going to have to push radiant floors onto all of our friends and family. Who knows – maybe I’ll market it and make some money!

radiant floors

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