AC compromise

I decided to take our family to a theme park over the past weekend. When every one of us were halfway there, our cooling system quit working on us. I didn’t want to believe what was happening, as I pinched myself hoping it was a dream! It got so overheated inside the car in no time at all, and I had to roll down the windows just to catch a break. That didn’t help all that much, since it was basically just a bunch of overheated air flowing through the car! Though it was better than roasting with the windows up, I knew we couldn’t drive like this for long. I decided to stop at a hardware store as I thought I could grab a refrigerant canister for the car’s A/C system. Though I looked all over for one, I wasn’t able to find a single can. I feared the worst – what if the refrigerant cans were gone? A store associate asked if he could help me, thankfully, and that’s when my heat-exhausted family waltzed into the store to get a break in the cool air. The store had a really superb A/C system. I told the associate that my family and I were desperate to get some cool air in the car, but our refrigerant had seemed to run out. The guy knew where we were coming from, and said he’s been through that more often than he’d like to admit. He knew exactly where the refrigerant kits were, and sent me on my way. I went ahead and picked up a canister, charged the refrigerant in the car, and just like that we saw the cooling system in the car return to blasting cold air. I was so thankful! I’m glad I thought to get one, or every one of us might have lost motivation to go to the amusement park altogether. When we got there, each of us spent most of our time in the air conditioned buildings, perusing shops and enjoying ice cream in the shade. We had a great time, and aside from the snafu with the air conditioning, we want to do it again soon!

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