Arcade games and no HVAC

For our anniversary, my husband and I decided to go to this locale that had a bunch of bounce houses. We’re children at heart, so it sounded fun. The locale was really something, and the bounce houses were impressive! They even had a bounce house with jousting platforms, where you knock each other off! There was a rock climbing wall, and I had to attempt it! There were also a bunch of arcade games and such, so the other folks there were really having a wonderful time for a while. That’s when something changed in the air quality, and it happened rather abruptly! The two of us came to find that the climate control system in the locale broke down and it started overheating in the building, and fast. The two of us had a good time for roughly an hour, but then this happened! It was becoming rather unbearable for us to even jump in the bounce houses any longer, just because of how hot it became. We decided to just gather up all our stuff, and get out of there before all of us roasted to death! The two of us had drinks, and that was the only thing keeping us from dying from the heat! The staff members there apologized profusely for the failure of the Heating, Ventilation, and A/C system and they had a bunch of stationary fans going to try and compensate. While that was at least better than nothing, we knew that we couldn’t stay there for much longer. I’m glad we were able to enjoy our stay for a little bit, but all of us had to leave! We wished we could stick around, but I was getting far too hot and miserable to have fun at this point. My wife jokingly said that maybe, this was a sign that we were too old for a trampoline arena. Nah, I don’t think so!

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