I’m so glad my family is warm

I remember going out with my mom and buying coal for our furnace.  We couldn’t afford to buy it by the barrel, and whenever my mom got paid, we would go buy a couple of big bags of coal and put them in the coal tote that was in our basement.  I don’t remember having a furnace that wasn’t run with coal, and back then, pretty much everyone had coal furnaces.  The thing with coal heating systems is that I also remember coming home and being black with the coal that we had obtained.  Mom would get so irate because I was all black, and I was supposed to be a young lady, not a boy.  Now that I am older, I wonder about that coal dust.  I think about how much of it got into our lungs, and how it must have impacted us.  Maybe it is that coal dust that we can blame for the allergies I suffer with now.  I am so cheerful that the HVAC technology has become so clean.  I wonder if my mother hadn’t had to go out and buy coal for our furnace, or job around coal all of her life, and then have a coal furnace, maybe she would have lived long enough to see my grandchildren.  It would be so nice for her to meet my granddaughter; however, instead he died of lung diseases.  It’s a shame that the new HVAC technology couldn’t have been around back then.  It will give my grandchildren a healthier and cleaner life, and maybe they won’t have the lung concerns that we have.

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