An air cooling issue

I have the most abnormal boss in the world. He belongs to several abnormal organizations in his personal life, as well as he has held a ton of entirely odd careers. Fairly recently, he suffered a stroke, as well as he didn’t even take any time off from work! He was back in the office within days! I tell you, though, the craziest thing about him is his sneezing issue. Whenever he goes outside as well as then comes back inside where the air conditioning appliance is on, he starts sneezing. The colder the air conditioning is set, the more he sneezes. It is entirely quite irritating, as well as I never want him to come back once he leaves because the air conditioning related sneezing drives me nuts. Interestingly, my sibling has a very similar condition, only in reverse. If he is inside where there is air conditioning actually operating, he starts sneezing when he goes out into the sunshine. I am particularly thrilled that I am not that sensitive to changes in the temperature control because it would drive me nuts to be sneezing all the time. I live in the South, as well as just about every building has the a/c appliance running almost for the whole year. That means, if I suffered with this sneezing syndrome, I would be sneezing 90% of my life away! My boss even told me that when he goes back to his dwelling, he has a blanket on the sofa because his fiance runs the air conditioning appliance quite a bit cooler than he likes! So, he gets home as well as wraps up in the blanket until his body is able to get used to the air conditioning as well as a few hours later he can take off the blanket.


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