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My buddy Tricia contacted us this day! We went to college together, plus have been lifelong friends for a little over 15 years! Tricia was absolutely frantic, because they had several feet of snow last evening. During the late night snowstorm, their oil furnace quit working altogether. Tricia asked if she could talk to my hubby, because he works as a dwelling maintenance supervisor. He deals with dwelling maintenance complications all day long, however Sam can maintenance any type of heating or A/C appliance. Sam was ecstatic to help Tricia figure out the the problem… It’s funny that Tricia was having oil furnace problems last night, because Sam plus I are still using the A/C at our dwelling. Tricia had several feet of snow, plus both of us still have 75% humidity outside. It’s truly hard to believe that several people could live in the same country, plus experience such extreme differences in environments, weather, plus temperature. While Tricia is totally worried about the oil furnace, I still have the a/c appliance blasting away. I keep telling Tricia that she should transfer out closer to me, however she prefers the colder Winter time temperatures. Trisha plus her hubby spend a lot of time skiing plus snowboarding, plus they both really enjoy ice fishing. A few years ago, my hubby plus I went up there to visit. We had a lot of fun snowboarding, however it was entirely too chilly for me. After spending an hour on the telephone, Sam finally told Tricia to contact his oil furnace maintenance provider. Sam believed the oil furnace needed a new thermostat. We could walk him through the upgrade process, however it was so much easier to call a professional. I hope that takes care of the problem. I’m still waiting to hear from Tricia.

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