Keeping our furnace on

My partner as well as I recently decided the two of us wanted to let our elderly Grandma come to our house as well as live with us. She can’t really live on her own safely anymore as well as the two of us honestly don’t want to put her into a retirement apartment or a nursing home!  Both of us have a very separate however still connected in-law suite at our new lake house which has its own zone control heating as well as a/c equipment so the two of us actually think it will be a fantastic set-up for all three of us. We’re even looking forward to having her, even though when she was still living in her own locale, she never even ran her central a/c equipment because she takes this blood thinning medication which makes her cold all the time. The disappointing thing about all of it was any time the two of us went over to visit, the fact there was no A/C running made it honestly so uncomfortable in her house. However it always felt like she had her oil furnace running in there even if she didn’t! I think the actual air quality in Grandma’s house was pretty disappointing because she never opened her windows to let any of the fresh air in as well as I supposed for a fact that she never had her a/c or heating ventilation ducts even cleaned out by the professionals at the Heating as well as Air Conditioning dealer. I’m unquestionably hoping when she moves in with me as well as my partner, our high quality Heating as well as Air Conditioning plan along with the media air cleaner, will help her to breath much easier as well as to think more about being healthy.  And even if the two of us set our a/c too cold for her, she’ll still be able to be snug as well as cozy since she will have zone control heating in her area of the house.

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