Unusual temperature control program

I’ve been managing a bed and breakfast for the past couple of years and I actually love it.  It’s just fun to meet up with people who are traveling across this country. This year I’ve had people from all over the globe! I’ve had some easily interesting conversations with many of them and I’ve even made some wonderful friends whom I keep in touch.  However one of the details that I’ve noticed while running this bed and breakfast is how different people’s heating and air conditioning habits can be when they are from so many areas of the country. For instance, the people who are from the deep south recognize it’s way too cold here in the midwestern part of the country where I now live. They consistently beg myself and others to turn on the oil gas furnace or to even set up a area furnace in their sleeping room because they are so cold when they are here with us. I recognize it’s very funny because while midwestern winters can be brutal, our summers and even the Springs are very mild.  But the southerners consistently want us to turn up the temperature dial! I don’t mind, really. However sometimes I even recognize it gets overly warm in the big house! At least I now have zone control heating and air conditioning installed for our bed and breakfast area of this house. My private rooms don’t have any zone control heating and air conditioning. However that’s actually nice since I usually keep the temperature control set about 68 degrees year round. But you’ve got those people from up north and they are always hot! They say that the weather temperatures where they’re from are usually easily cold and now when they come to the midwest, they recognize the actual temperatures are too warm!

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