the air conditioner leaks

Back in June, my wifey plus I first observed that our air conditioning system unit was not cooling constantly! It felt as though some rooms were colder than others. It had been several months since the last pro tune-up, plus both of us decided to contact the air conditioning system repair service… Then the two of us had the air conditioning system thermostat set for 73 degrees, but it felt honestly sizzling inside plus unusually humid inside of our home, my wifey made an appointment with the local air conditioning system repair shop, plus both of us found out that our ancient air conditioning system component was leaking freon, but normally, I know a Freon leak is something that can definitely be detected plus repaired, however for us, unfortunately, our Freon leak was in a narrow spot. With no great way to fix the leak constantly, my wifey plus I were forced to buy a whole new air conditioning system compressor. They didn’t have the identifiable  make plus model in stock that both of us needed. My wifey plus I waited several mornings for our new air conditioning system compressor to finally be delivered. It took several minutes for the air conditioning system repair team to come out and complete the upgrade! After everything was set up plus completed, the HVAC company even turned on the thermostat to test our air conditioning system system. The flowing air coming out of the air vent was 55 degrees, signaling the new air conditioning system compressor was definitely now working fine. The air conditioning system upgrade team waited around for well over 30 minutes, just to make sure that the system was functioning constantly. The new air conditioning system compressor even comes with a 5 year limited warranty, which will cover any leaks or repairs. Hopefully, now oth of us won’t have any more major problems for several years to come.

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