The wrecked heated floorboards

We have been living in our home for about five years now and we have been lucky enough not to experience any major problems.  Considering the normal amount of breakdowns and repairs that our friends experience, we think we have very lucky not have the same problems.  We were getting ready for winter, and the forecast was for a large snowstorm in the next week. We decided to do some preparations and make sure we were prepared in case we had to stay in the house for a while.  I went to turn up the heat on our flooring, because we have radiant heated floors. When I tried to adjust the thermostat, the toggle pulled off in my fingers. Now, I didn’t know what to do. I couldn’t even turn on the heating because I broke off the switch before I could turn it up.  I stood there staring at the thermostat and my husband came up behind and asked why the heating hadn’t been turned on yet. We tried to call the local HVAC companies, but they were super busy with all of the people who were getting their furnaces checked before the storm. I finally had to call my dad and see if he would come out and help us.  He was a retired HVAC technician. We were on the outs and I didn’t want to be the first one to call, but I couldn’t let my family out in the cold. He was there within ten minutes and he fixed the thermostat for us, while talking like nothing had happened.

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