Our condo air conditioning and heating

I put a huge value on have quality time with my family.  I am a single dad and most of my spare time goes to my children.  I had recently been given full custody of my children and the news came at the same time as I was getting ready to make closing on my new home.  I wanted to make sure I was giving my children a home that was safe enough for them to live in. I had the inspections done, but I had originally thought about having the HVAC system inspected after I was moved into the house.  Getting the kids changed my priorities and I wanted to have the HVAC system inspected before I moved into the house. The structural inspection had gone well, and now I had to rely on the HVAC inspection also going well. I was afraid what would happen in the near future, if the HVAC inspection didn’t go well. I had to hire a HVAC technician to do the inspections.  When he was done, he told me that the system was good, but there was a problem with the system’s differential being substandard. All I understood was that it could cost me more money. He said he had to do a few tweaks, but now, the HVAC would run more efficiently and my energy bills would be lower. Within a couple of hours, I was assured that my children would be moving into a house they could be happy and healthy in.

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