Quality HVAC repair plan

When I bought my home, I had to have a new heating and air conditioning system installed.  I was impressed when they offered me a maintenance and repair plan to go with it. I even got the first year of the plan free, but I had to pay the second year up front.  I already had a ten year warranty on all parts and service and there was a one year warranty on labor. This was in addition to the maintenance and repair plan that the service technician offered.  The repair plan included a tune-up on the furnace in the fall and tune-up on the air conditioner during the spring. I was able to contact the HVAC company and schedule the tune-up for when it was convenient for  me. After I read the warranty that went with the new HVAC unit, I was kind of hesitant as to whether I really needed the new maintenance repair plan for the first year. It seemed like they were offering me something that I already had.  As I read the fine print, I realized that if I didn’t accept the maintenance and repair plan, then if something were to go wrong with the heating and air conditioning, the warranty may not be valid. I felt like I was being jipped, but there wasn’t much that I could do about it.  When I talked to a neighbor, she told me she was getting a new air conditioner installed. She told me about the wonderful maintenance and repair plan that she purchased. I smiled and said how nice that was, not even bothering to say that it was already included for free.

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