Our plane’s HVAC

After twenty years of spending more time flying than on the ground, I never wanted to be in an airplane, again.  I hate flying, and the longer I spent in business, travelling from one location to another, the more I began to hate it.  I am a big man and the seats were not made for anyone who was bigger than a model. Over the years, they didn’t expand the size of the plane, but they continued to add more seats.  I couldn’t handle the air quality in the planes. I spent too many hours sitting and listening to whining kids. I could smell the diapers that were long overdue to be changed. People coughed and sneezed in your face.  If you happened to be in the aisle seat, your elbow was constantly being jostled. I hated everything about flying. Several times I would ask for assistance to get the ventilation system running, so I could finally take a deep breath, but the individual HVAC system never worked.  You were lucky if the ventilation system even worked to put out any air. Fast forward ten years, and my daughter is about to graduate from college. She went to a school that is back east, and I am expected to be there. It isn’t that I don’t want to be there, but I dread the thought of getting back onto that plane.  I can still smell the smells and I know the ventilation hasn’t become any better. She is lucky I love her so much, or I would not be showing up.

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