The heat pump care plan

Most of the year around here, is air conditioning season.  Living in the deep south can be really hard on your electric bill.  The air conditioning is running all of the time. I had my HVAC tech tell me that my bills were so high because my air conditioner was old and that it wasn’t energy efficient.  I took this to heart and I started to look at new air conditioning units and considering the other options. My first thought was the ductless mini split air conditioning system.  There was a small unit in every room. It had its own thermostat, and I didn’t have to cool the entire home, but there was something about all of those thermostats. I didn’t want to have to adjust the thermostat whenever I went in or out of a room.  I like the idea of one thermostat in a central location and air conditioning throughout my entire home. Then I looked into the eco friendly heat pump. I kind of blanched when I looked at the price. It is said to be the most efficient air conditioning system available.  As long as the temperatures don’t go below freezing, it is also excellent for heating. I live in the south, so if the temp goes to forty, I am in shock. I talked to the HVAC company and they told me this would be ideal for me. The heat pump would take in the heat that is present in the house and leave behind the cooler, dryer air.  If I wanted heat, it would be in reverse. It would take the ambient heat from outside and blow into the inside. It couldn’t be easier and they told me that I could possibly recoup my investment in a couple years.

heat pump

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