The cooling vent is coated in a/c

My asthma and allergies, pretty much keep me inside the house most of the time.  My wife and I only go out occasionally and then I am so medicated with allergy meds, that we don’t really have a good time.  I have a top quality HVAC system. It is equipped with a dehumidifier for the summer and humidifier for the winter. The air purification system has a HEPA filter, UV lights to sanitize and ionization filter.  I know this sounds like a lot, but if I want to keep breathing it is necessary. A couple weeks ago, we were laying in bed, when the air conditioning turned on. All of a sudden, I could feel the wheezing coming on.  I began to cough and I had to have my breathing machine. My wife was shocked at the sudden asthma attack. The second I came back to bed, the asthma attack began again. She looked up at the air vent that was right over the bed.  She got the screwdriver and shined a light inside. I watch her pack some bags as she told me to get dressed. When we got to the hotel, she called the HVAC company. We had mold inside our air ducts. We had to have all of the ductwork cleaned and sanitized before I could back into the house.  I couldn’t believe, that with all of the precautions we had taken, there could have been mold in the ductwork. When we finally returned, I was breathing fine, even when we laid down in bed. I kept the inhaler close, just in case


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