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I had always thought that I was doing right by our condo with our cleaning schedule plus our plants. You see, I grew up in a legitimately neat house, so I don’t tolerate messes where I live! I vacuum, mop, plus dust every week. I disinfect our windows, wash our home office, and keep our condo pretty much spotless! Even after having guests over, I instantly have to disinfect plus get the condo looking just as it was. I don’t have a central cooling unit. The majority of homes in the northeast are too old to have them. The same goes for condo buildings. I only have a heating unit, which I tend to by dusting the baseboard radiators plus making sure they’re free and extra  clear. I thought that this, combined with our houseplants which I particularly obtained since the remove chemicals plus toxins from the air, would keep our condo plus the air I breathe healthy. But it turns out, these things are not enough to be satisfactory. Without central air and with legitimately few windows, I just don’t have superb air quality, but finally, I finally caved plus obtained an air cleaner online. The air cleaner does what our central furnace cannot. It filters the air in our beach condo plus removes 99% of toxins plus contaminants. I was sure to buy an media media air cleaner that uses HEPA air filters, as they are the best filters on the market this time in life. Not only is the media media air cleaner effective, but it’s effortless, and setup only requires you to install the filters and turn it on. Then you change the air filter when the light turns red, however a disinfect beach condo is easier than I had imagined.

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