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I’m not the kind of human being who does well in freezing weather.  Even though I spent the first several of my life living in very cold temperatures up north every year, I relished the moment our family moved to the south. I have been living here ever since and have adjusted accordingly.  Occasionally I believe like a lizard, always loving the toasty and humid temperatures while in the year and staying indoors when the weather drops too low. I have a central Heating & A/C in our place with an electric oil furnace built in. I simply like not to use it because of the money it costs to run.  Plus, if I’m only having weather below 50 degrees a few weeks out of every year, it makes it strenuous to ever justify turning our electric oil furnace on. Unfortunately for me, a big cold front rolled through Last month and the temperatures are relentless. I’m wearing a snuggie and sweatpants around our condo all day long and a coat anytime I walk out the door. Eventually I decided to visit the hardware store and see what kind of area oil furnaces were available. Even though I was praying for a few choices, I wasn’t expecting the vast selection available. There were fan forced oil furnaces that started as low as $10 and more expensive radiant heaters, some with remote controls, for $50 or higher.  I wasn’t sure what to buy, there were too many choices to pick from. Finally, after determining that I wanted something that I could use for more than one room in my house, I finally broke down and obtained a more high-priced radiant heater. I was told that they’re built to be super energy efficient and I have a wide range of temperature options. It’s perfect to leave it in our kitchen at night and turn it up while I sleep. When I wake up in the early mornings, the condo is nice and toasty for when I take off for work.

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