Getting an air quality product

My asthma is a big piece of my life. It has always thwarted my desires to play team athletic activities as a kid plus gave me that stereotypical look of the nerdy kid with glasses who’s always breathing heavily and smoking on an inhaler.  Eventually, I stopped caring what other boys said about me although I never actually to come to peace with the physical symptoms I got every year heading into Fall when the leaves die plus fall to the ground. Mold then grows on the fallen tree leaves and starts to fill the air with irritating spores.  I had proper bouts of wheezing plus undoubtedly caught bronchitis around this time every damn year. Even my inhalers were no match for the tree mold. Now that I’m a little bit older, I have the resources to keep my indoor air in my house as clean plus irritant free as much as possible. I have numerous electric whole-house air purifiers placed in each far corner of my house.  The whole-house air purifiers come with HEPA rated filters and UV-C bulbs for added antimicrobial plus antifungal effects. Although I use my whole-house air purifiers every day of the year, it was zero surprise to me that I would be using them more often in the Autumn months before the major snowfalls of the very early winter, when the air becomes dry as a bone plus most lung irritants are frozen over and far out of harm’s way.  I was browsing the internet to find updatement parts for one of my whole-house air purifiers when I stumbled across an add for an advanced air purification plan that attaches to your central Heating and also Air Conditioning. It is flaunted to task twice as efficiently as plugin whole-house air purifiers like the types that I own plus comes with the included benefit of cleansing all of the air in my house as it moves through my ductwork.  Although I don’t have the money budgeted yet, I hope to save enough soon to buy a central Heating plus Air Conditioning air purification plan to update the two that I am running at the same time now.

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