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I was having a good day and reading a great novel the other day when I noticed that it felt a lot hotter plus muggier than usual, despite the fact of having the cooling system set below 74 degrees.  I usually have my Heating plus A/C unit consistently worked on plus hadn’t seen any big time problems or changes in regular use over the past multiple years at least. I walked up to my control unit to read the temperature display plus was shocked with what I found.  The temperature in the small house was more than four degrees higher than what I had put to the control device at. The cooling system was running nonstop but the air coming out of my vents didn’t feel all that cold when I touched it. I knew something wasn’t right, but I had no way of knowing on my own, so I called over my contracted Heating plus A/C supplier to diagnose the problem.  Thankfully, he was able to fit me in the following day plus he arrived right on schedule ready to get to work. He ran all of his average tests plus finally checked the pressure of the system. Right away, he found out that it was low on refrigerant. Unlike fuel in a automobile that is consumed as it powers the car’s engine, the cooling in an cooling system stays in a very closed loop as it constantly changes from a liquid to a gaseous state plus then back to a liquid, stuff like that.  However, there are areas where the refrigerant can leak out, plus in my case, the leak was from a broken evaporator coil. Unfortunately, he had to order the area plus schedule the repair for the following day, but he was able to top off my system with new refrigerant to get myself and others by until he gets back. I’m glad I caught the complication before it caused irreparable damage to the rest of the system.

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