Tired of being sick all of the time

The weather varying and air quality differences affect my health the most. So forth, if the weather changes from a particularly hot morning to a particularly frigid morning, I am done for… One frigid evening in the Summer or an abrupt heat wave in Winter, and I can expect to get a cold. Even if I change my control device setting with how I prefer the Heating plus Air Conditioning will not help either. I cannot combat a cold that is upcoming. I usually get sick for a week. I have a headache, runny nose, plus I sneeze all of the time; The air quality sickness is truly worse though. I have bought every air quality product I can to remain healthy. My apartment is now not the problem, as other businesses get me sick. In the Winter, most people just run their heating systems. I need my gas furnace to have a humidifier built right into it. If there is no moisture in the air quality, I dry right out very bad. In the Summer, I need a dehumidifier in the A/C system. This will stop mold from forming in the A/C plus then being blown in the air quality. Honestly though, I could give up an air purifier to several businesses, because an air purification system removes dust, pollutants, plus smells from the air quality. It keeps the air fresh plus clean. I need this in order to not get sick, then not so many numerous businesses in the spring would get me sick… However, I usually end up with a cold when I go out to town. The air quality is just too dusty plus full of germs for me.

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