The smashed up cooling device

My sibling Gina and I recently had to replace our cooling equipment. As it were, Gina and I had been going for years with the same aged window air conditioner. The window air conditioner was not very big, powerful, or either efficient. So finally, the 2 of us took the plunge and bought a better cooling unit. The Heating, Ventilation, and A/C company kept pushing us towards getting either a central air conditioning or buying a ductless mini split. Unfortunately with those A/C systems, all of us would also need to spend our savings for cooling installation. Instead Gary and I decided to cheap out somewhat. Gary and myself got a portable air conditioner component that all of us could just simply plug in. The portable cooling component took the 2 of us to lift into my truck. It should effectively cool our whole home, at least I think. The reason I don’t really know is that when Gary and I loaded up the AC, we only drove about 4 miles before the back of the back gate to my truck flung open. The portable A/C component flew right out the back of my truck and scattered all across the road. Gary and I tried to pick up the ruined pieces, but there was just simply too much. The A/C component was smashed to smithereens and not able to be repaired by either of us. The people I was with and I are debating on bringing the pieces back to the A/C supplier and seeing if they will provide us a new unit for at least half price. I am very embarrassed to tell the story though. As of now I am out the cash, and I don’t have any cooling either! As is, I might be forced to beg.

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