Happy with my electric heating

A few years ago, my husband Jack and I bought a cabin retreat that’s located nice and deep within the woods. In the summer, it’s a great place to vacation. There’s a lake nearby that’s great for getting nice and refreshed. I, however, prefer to visit the cabin in the winter. It is so nice to get to watch the snow fall peacefully outside in front of the fireplace with a hot cup of cocoa and a good book. The cabin’s fireplace is the perfect inspiration to separate from phones and computers. While there is a great deal of convenience that comes with central heat, there is something about a fireplace that makes a cold winter evening more pleasant. Unfortunately, I don’t know a lot about fireplace maintenance. I couldn’t chop wood no matter how much I wanted too. Fortunately for me, Jack is great at that stuff. He specializes in HVAC maintenance, so he knows a lot about heating and cooling devices. Fireplaces are included on that list. Jack is always telling me that he should be the one to handle the fireplace. He says I am not one for detail, which I never fight him on. As long as the fire is burning, I’m fine. Jack always makes sure to tell me that the flue needs to be opened before starting the fire to keep the air free of any smoke that could be harmful. I know starting a fire in the fireplace requires extreme caution, so I always leave it to Jack.

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