A different type of HVAC machine

If someone is looking to buy a new house, they know that every house has a lot of different things to offer. This makes setting priorities for what they’re looking for in a new home very important. One person may not care how much they pay as long as their closer to work. One couple may want a big backyard, while another couple looks at it and only sees yard work. Some families are just looking to live in the better school zones so their kids have good schools to choose from. This is just the tip of the iceberg when looking for a home. I haven’t even touched on HVAC equipment in homes. Not everyone knows all the options that are out there. In a smaller home, the main options are window air conditioning units or ductless mini-split systems. These can cool a home without the need for bulky ductwork that can take up a lot of space. Window air units do the job for one room, while the mini-split system can cover several rooms. Both options are feasible for a small home though. Northern buyers are looking more at heating systems, and there are plenty of pros and cons with all of them. Oil furnaces provide the most heat, but are the least efficient. Not to mention, they require a clunky oil tank to store the fuel. Gas furnaces are great, but electric furnaces are quickly becoming the most popular. These produce no combustible byproducts, but when the power goes out, so does your heat. This may be when you need your heat the most.

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