Want to repair our heating situation

I realized a significant thing the other morning, as a cool breeze floated in from some unseen air vent plus caused my mind to swirl, this was the first frosty morning of the year… More particularly, this was the first arctic-like morning that the two of us were living in our new home; I hadn’t paid much attention to our moving in the middle of summer time until right now. I had rarely if ever considered that our home’s insulation went totally unchecked. That the two of us had not bothered to see if the doors plus windows sealed appropriately, or if they leaked loads of arctic-liike air every time the wind gusted, then what was worse, the two of us had no clue if the central heat even turned on and off! Thus far our gas furnace had gone unchallenged, plus there was no telling how well the old forced air gas gas furnace was going to operate, hell, the two of us weren’t even sure if it was going to power up at all, and so far the two of us had relied primarily upon the central cooling system, dutifully running the A/C all morning plus night as the summer time sunlight scorched away plus the air was filled with loads of dewy droplets, as I flipped the temperature control switch plus crossed my fingers to the Heating, Ventilation, plus A/C powers that be, I waited with bated breath for time to reveal the fate of our air temperature plus savings account. There was a stoppage, a giant bang, plus the sound of ancient wheels getting to work away in the distance. It felt similar to an eternity of waiting as I prepared financial figures in my mind’s eye, calculating the cost of a new gas furnace, air duct, plus upgrade… then, with a HUSH, dry, sizzling air filled the room from all the various air vents plus I stood next to the air vents and the heating joy.

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