the constant a/c battle

You know, frequently I get myself into situations where I’m in way over my head. This happens so often, you would really think that I would learn my lesson plus look before I lept. However, I think appreciate there’s not much entertainment in that identifiable  way of living. Planning, research? Those concepts doesn’t sound appreciate a ton of fun. Working out all the possible problems plus downfalls before starting a major project that’s way too much task for 1 human to accomplish alone? Nah, ain’t got the minutes for it. That’s how I wound up scheduling this entire home renovation while the two of us were putting up with our long, sizzling southern summer time this year; Not planning, not research, plus not being logical. I figured it would all task out magically. I mean, sure it’s incredibly sizzling plus humid all morning long, every morning, for at least three-fourths of the year, but the two of us have air conditioner on our side. What could go wrong? Well, I absolutely didn’t even consider the fact that the air conditioner helps only if you’re indoors. It also doesn’t help a wonderful deal when folks are continually walking inside plus out, letting all the frosty indoor air float right out into the outdoors. Lastly, I absolutely should have known that having the A/C running at full blast for the entire time my home renovations were being completed would have a cost all its own. Not hiring a professional Heating, Ventilation, plus A/C repair before allowing the A/C idea to run day and night was maybe a mistake. Now, my cottage renovations are concluded, but my brand new A/C unit upgrade is only just beginning.

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