Won’t leave the thermostat alone

My daughter Annie drives myself and my boyfriend nuts occasionally. I don’t understand how I’ve raised her to be a brat, but she is beginning to act love one! If it’s not whining in addition to complaining about what we’re having for breakfast, it’s complaining about having to do her chores, such as cleaning her room in addition to cleaning her hamster’s cage. Just recently, she’s started complaining about something all together new! Now she’s starting to complain about how my boyfriend and I keep the temperature setting on our thermostat control system. I tried to explain to her that she just cannot be in charge of the thermostat or the heating in addition to air conditioner plan at our apartment, however she just doesn’t seem to understand that fact. I told her that the adults have to be the ones who change the temperature control settings in the apartment because otherwise, our heat in addition to air conditioner bills would be astronomically high. She just doesn’t understand how a digital programmable thermostat works. Annie seems to operate under the assumption that the lower you turn down the temperature on the air conditioner, the faster the apartment will cool off. Well, as any adult will tell you that is just not the case–it’s not how a central air conditioner plan works! I’ve been thinking of what my boyfriend and I can do to help combat her entitled attitude. I’m starting to believe that maybe he and I should make our child start to help pay for the heating bills and the AC bills for the apartment! That will easily make her think twice before she starts messing around with the thermostat!

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