Can’t be around the a/c anymore

Today I was working outside on our houseboat. We have this great big, thirty foot long late 90’s houseboat; it’s in great shape, but periodically you need to repair the exterior of the thing! It’s very hard to fix; I am always doing all I can put it off as long as possible. Today, though, I decided that since the temperature outside wasn’t too sizzling or too cold, I’d go ahead plus try to get around to it before the weather got too cold to work. Well, unfortunately for me, while I was reaching into the storage section to get my tools, the wind blew the door of the storage compartment clean off. Then the door fell smack onto the top of my head. I saw stars for a couple of minutes. Plus, now I’m convinced that I entirely have a concussion! This entirely sounds crazy, however I have an ice pack on my skull plus I’m resting inside right in front of the a/c vent in our kitchen. If I don’t have the air conditioning system blowing right in my face, I throw up on the tile! I keep trying to get myself on my feet and into bed. However, every time I step away from the a/c vent, it is just not pretty! I believe the frigid air is keeping this pounding headache at bay. I don’t know, however I hope this headache goes away soon. I can’t deal with resting in front of the the air conditioning system for much longer. My eyes are going to freeze shut soon, plus I bet my nose is getting frostbite! But I would still take laying in the kitchen next to the air conditioning system all morning over throwing up, that’s for sure!

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