They are always on me about the HVAC

For some of us, there’s truly no pleasing our parents. I went to college, took six classes per semester, and did so while working full time as a store manager. Somehow, my parents still think I can’t be trusted to live several hours away from them! I knew this was the case when I moved away, only for my parents to decide to transfer up to the north only a year after I did and live right near me. I knew that my dream of a truly independent life was over. They can be so overbearing at times, and it makes me want to pull my hair out. They moved into their house up here, and I was told that only I would be in charge of moving around all of their furniture. Guess who was also in charge of installing the heating and cooling system at their house? I’ll give you a hint: it wasn’t a local HVAC specialist or contractor! While I’m a bit of a handyman, I’m in way over my head with this project! I told my parents that they should just go ahead and hire a local Heating and Air Conditioning repair company install their equipment, but they refused. Aside from wanting to cut some labor costs, they have the strange, old-school notion of thinking where any job should be done by their family. I had to hours at a time working on installing their central A/C system, and watched what must’ve been a day’s worth of videos on how install it properly. I finally got their home’s heating and cooling unit set up, but they don’t even use it now! They choose to come to my house – usually uninvited – and sit around as they enjoy my home’s radiant flooring system! Oh, parents can truly be the worst sometimes.

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