Need cooling when I watch the pets

I recently have been looking for other ways to make some cash, due to some poor spending habits. I have a large tendency to spend more money than I make, and it’s always on shoes. When I found a side job that was easy and paid well enough, I was pumped to get started! It was simple enough: one of my neighbors was going on a trip for the next month, and asked if I would mind staying at their house to watch their dog while they were gone. All I had to do was watch the dog, make sure he was fed, and take him out on a walk several times a day. It couldn’t be that hard, right? Well apparently, it can! I found out that the dog is very unique and loves to keep the house as cold as possible. I found out that he is a major fan of feeling cool, so the A/C had to be cranked up to the max for him to be comfortable. I would try to turn down the A/C system for a moment, and turn on the gas furnace for a break. He would get so riled up over this that he instantly began to bark at me until I turned it off! Talk about being touchy. The only time I had to get out of the freezing undefined was on our walks, which were pitifully short. Being the old and lazy dog he is, the two of us couldn’t walk more than three blocks before he wanted to turn back! I was literally so cold at night, I wore full-length pajamas to bed! I guess with all of this extra cash I’m making, I will have to buy a new furnace or at least a space heater to melt out of my ice cube!


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